Ginger Honey Lemon

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Our premium cocktails are made from scratch with fresh ingredients, feature more complex flavor profiles and have less or no sugar.

1-3 servings per bottle*

Made with fresh ginger root, which pairs delightfully with kava root. Root squared? We don’t math very well but we do know a thing or two about flavor profiles, and this one’s killin’ like penicillin. In fact, it’s based on the world renown Penicillin cocktail created by the one and only Sam Ross. The cure for what ails ya.

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*Depends on your personal sensitivity and desired effect.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gregory Kuczynski

Great stuff

Jamie Lucas
My favorite flavor!

It’s so refreshing and yummy!

Anna Romero
It’s like that chewy ginger candy, all bottled up!

Have you ever had those delicious chewy ginger candies? I grew up eating them, they are sweet but zingy from the ginger. This drink definitely takes me back to eating those! The ginger is strong and the honey just gives it that yummy sweetness. I particularly love the Ginger Honey Lemon because it’s perfect for when you have a sore throat, or if you’re feeling under the weather; you get all the amazing benefits of the Kava, along with all the benefits of the ginger and honey. If you love ginger honey flavored things, then you are sure to love this elixir!