Lumanai artisanal Kava elixirs

Most other companies selling ready-to-drink kava use extracts and/or outsource their production to third party manufacturers who require huge minimum orders. Kava’s potency decreases over time when the active compounds, kavalactones, are suspended in water so—when their product ships after sitting on a warehouse shelf for possibly months—the strength is already compromised.

Our premium noble kava is our own blend of Fijian and Vanuatu cultivars to achieve the best alcohol replacement possible and, as a new company, we're always improving our blend and our process as we go.

We produce everything in-house in small batches using traditional preparation methods combined with a proprietary process that makes strong kava without the use of solvents (like alcohol) or CO2. Alcohol should never be consumed with kava or, worse, used to extract it (like many tinctures); and there is uncertainty around the safety of using CO2.

We use only high-quality, all natural ingredients and reverse osmosis water.

We make our LUMANAI PREMIUM line from scratch with fresh ingredients (i.e. ginger, raspberries and the coconut milk for The Kolada) using advanced craft cocktail techniques. All our produce is veggie washed to remove pesticides before use.

The result is a difference you can taste and a potency you can feel.